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At a loss for words

At A Loss For Words I have been at a loss for words for so long. Part of it is moving into unknown territory. The other part is changing personally so much that I can't express myself well. Lauren might be experiencing the same thing, but I am not sure. I know for all...

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Bless Her Heart

So… about Miss Lolo….here is the update: The mass in her leg is gone.  Dr. Raynor removed it in July and she has no leukemia in her leg.  Remember-her leukemia relapsed as “leukemia cutis” in her leg in 2016.  The mass came back in the same spot, but it was scar...

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LesLee & Phil Hacker has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the link below. Lo and Jonathan.jpg Dr. Coulter called to say that the growth is benign! There is no evidence that the AML has returned at all in this area. This is incredible news. It is...

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Prayers For a Successful Surgery…and a pain free summer!

LesLee & Phil Hacker has shared OneDrive files with you. To view them, click the links below. Sophomore girls in Venice.jpg Lolo in Lucerne.jpg Dr C and Anisa.jpg We are asking for prayers today for a successful surgery for Lauren. She heads to the hospital...

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Our family had a nice Easter, however, it was a big change without Jonathan. I made his favorite homemade macaroni and cheese in his honor, but the table wasn’t the same without his humor and his great appetite. We had a nice Easter with Nanny and Aunt Alesia....

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A Tree Adorned With Hope

LesLee & Phil Hacker has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the link below. 20141123_200818.jpg We had such an incredible Thanksgiving! Jonathan came home from University of Utah. We had Nanny and Aunt Alesia over for a great turkey dinner. We...

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Always Preparing for Winter

As parents our life ebbs and flows as our children grow. Our life is definitely in transition. Instead of fighting it, Phil and I are going with the flow. In fact, we have stopped fighting the changes because there have been so many and take each day as it comes. Our...

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Field of Dreams

I still have not taken Lolo's first day of school picture. I am starting to wonder what happens to my well-thought out plans each day. I really think it might happen tomorrow. I want her to be in the right frame of mind. Seriously. I have been trying to make our...

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Give It Your All and Don’t Be Afraid of Fear

It is the beginning of Lolo's sophomore year of high school. In usual Hacker fashion, we have yet to take Lolo's first day of school picture. We have been distracted and I don't want to make her too angry in the morning. Oh my gosh, if you have ever seen Lolo in the...

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A Year From Chemo

This week was Lauren’s oncology appointment with Dr. Coulter. It was her “one year from last chemo” appointment. It was strange, I actually slept through the night before the appointment. Usually, I toss and turn and feel sick to my stomach the whole week prior. Her...

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