We are movning Lauren along towards meeting her goald to be ready for school. She her surgery on Friday, by Dr Raynor to have the central line removed from her chest. It was a pretty quick operation, but the surgical staff took a picture with Lauren. We are hoping she doesn’t ever have to have a central line again. The day before surgery, she took her friend Emmy out to lunch and then Emmy joined us for Lolo’s radiology consult. I think having Emmy there helped Lauren not get nervous about hearning the details of having radiation done to her leg. She mainly wanted to make sure she got her some Orange Leaf fro yo after her consultation. Her new dr. is Dr. Lin and she will be her doctor through her radiology treatments. She will start this week on Monday and will have the treatments everyday. Her skin will breakdown and feel burned. She is walking around with markers drawn up and down her leg with clear stickers over regions that have an X on them to mark the area where she receives the radiation. After her treatments, she will wait for about 3 months and then will have a skin CT done in that region to see if the radiation was successful in treatment the tumor site. WE will also keep an eye on a small nodule that appeared in her lung on the last scans that were said to be nothing, but need to be watched.

After radiation, Lolo was cleared to go Marian Golf practice as an official player on the team. We dropped her off and she slowly made her way into the group to practice. She seemed to like it, but since she is 14, a simple question like that might result in some teenage warfare. Of course I want to know, but I am so annoying lately, so I just have to watch for signs things are good and hope for the best.

This is a busy week at our house to say the least. Lolo’s radiation. I am finally starting my new job. I am a big hot mess every day at that. It is going to be a long, hard while before I feel capable in my position. But, I have a lot of nice and supportive staff helping me. I am excited to start working with the students. But, my energy level is very low. Last weekend we had our basement flooded. It was to be the week we wrapped up the construction on our outdoor firepit. The firepit project was not going well and then the flooding in the basement was an all time low. We still have all the basement items housed across the place. We are working on it slowly. It was enough to throw me over the edge. I started my first job a bit rattled, but still got there! I only worked Thursday and Friday, but came home Friday with a bad virus. I had a fever and a sore throat all weekend. I felt lousy. My biggest worry was getting Lauren sick. I was quarantined all weekend in my room. I heard the weather was beautiful. I did nothing but sleep.

Lauren starts school on Thursday, Jonathan on Wednesday. Lauren went to a preview event at Marian on Saturday and came home happy and smiling. Jonathan has been moping all week that he has to go back to school. They are polar opposites. Jonathan took Lolo to lunch while I was at work. I am glad they are spending some time together, but I wish I had one more week with them before they start. I don’t feel we have even been able to find out groove as a family again. We are still worn out and shell shocked from Lauren’s relapse with leukemia. I don’t think any of us have had time to process what really just happened to us. It seems like the time from mid-March to know was just one big stressful mess. We were by her side helping her survive. Not much else went on. There is a lot to catch up on. There are a lot of people to reconnect to and find our way back together. But, we have so much change coming our way. The biggest of course is Lauren starting high school and me going back to work. I hope they both will enrich our own lives so that we are able to being more positive feelings into our family. We need to find our rhythm as a family again. We need to find our song. I know Jonathan will have a great year as a Senior at Prep. We need to love each other through this next few month. It is going to be a bit bumpy!



  1. Kelly

    Wishing you ALL a bright and successful start to this next step! GoLoloGo! Love and prayers!! Xx

  2. Amy Farr

    Love you lots. Big hugs xoxo

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