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Submitted by Patricia Ahlgren | From the 7th Graders at St. Pat's in Elkhorn.

Shared by Molly Adams Woodman | Big Sister and Little Sister Event

Made with Love by Lolo's Marian Big Sisters

Danny Leger's Go Lolo Go! Video

From your SMM amigos @ Lake Okoboji

Father Tom Fangman and Sacred Heart Cheers Lolo Hacker on. Go Lolo Go!

The Marian community is praying for you! Stay strong! #GoLoLoGo #MarianFieldDay

This is the Creighton University Volleyball Team. Love these girls. They are the epitome of kind and good ...very pretty too.

“Clapped Out”

It is a tradition at St Margaret Mary School that the 8th grade gets “clapped out” on the last day. That means the 8th grade class walks as a whole down the halls as all the students from kindergarten through 7th grade clap for them.

Today, on her last day of 8th grade, Lolo got “clapped out” of school, but walked by herself with our beloved principal, Peggy Grennan and was received at the end by her wonderful class of 2016 at SMM.

Granting Lolo’s Make A Wish.

This video was produced for the Make a Wish Foundation’s Nebraska Chapter. It was shown at the Big Red Dinner where Lauren, Johnathan, Phil, and LesLee Hacker were surprised by getting Lolo’s Wish grant that night. Lolo wished to go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower.


Lauren “Lolo” Hacker is a 10 year-old 5th grader from Omaha, Nebraska that has been in the hospital for the last few months. It turns out that she has acute myelocytic leukemia. Just before Christmas 2012, she was going to get surprised with tickets to Taylor Swift in Omaha, Nebraska as she kicks of her worldwide RED tour. Lolo will be unable to attend the concert because she with still be in the hospital battling and living with leukemia. That is why we made this video to try and make this special moment happen for this special girl.

#BringTaylorToLolo #GoLoloGo

Saturday, March 9th 2013 after campaigning on Social Media networks trying to get the attention of Taylor Swift to make 11 year old Lauren “Lolo” Hacker’s dreams come true, just before kicking off Taylor Swift’s RED tour in Omaha, Nebraska.
Thank you everyone who helped make this happen for Lolo. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks Taylor Swift! Good luck on your tour.

Father Peter Visits Lolo

Taylor Swift Visits Lolo

Taylor Swift visits 10-year-old cancer patient before kicking off her Red tour in Omaha.

KETV PSA Red Cross Holiday Blood Drive 2014

Come See Lauren Please, Taylor!

Thinking of kindness and goodness and remembered my sweet students that combined their brains and their creativity for Lauren. Thinking of you today, Ellie Mulligan, Lauren Kubat, and Sydney Monahan! You girls are what is wonderful about this world!

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