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We are asking for prayers today for a successful surgery for Lauren. She heads to the hospital (Children’s Hospital) at 11:00 for an MRI and will have surgery at 3 pm today.

Lauren and I just returned from an incredible journey! We were able to travel with her school on a whirlwind trip through central Europe. We went with about 130 high school girls and 50 adults, including chaperones and parents. We traveled through southeastern Germany (Munich), Austria, Italy, Switzerland, back to Germany, and then to Paris. It was an intense schedule. The highlights were the breathtaking scenery and the fabulous people that we spent time with, including our amazing tour guide, Alba, Father Tom Fangman, and Principal Susie Sullivan. Bus #4 definitely rocked and the parents on the bus were great fun. Lo had a nice time with her friends, but the constant walking caused her a lot of pain to her leg.

Since February Lauren has had excruciating pain in her calf. We have had numerous tests done to find the source of pain. Is it radiation damage, vascular damage, etc? She has had MRIs and injections and all kinds of tests to determine what is going on. She had an MRI about 2 ½ months ago and it was determined that she had a new mass in her leg around the site where her leukemia had relapsed 2 years ago. She couldn’t get more PET scans because we are concerned about the total amount of radiation she has had. So, it was determined that she would follow this by having a series of MRIs and watch the pain. It has been very difficult on her. The pain is very uncomfortable. She did great on the Europe trip until the last couple of days and then she couldn’t take the pain anymore. We became very familiar with Ubers in Paris. She is such a trouper! I was struggling a lot too, but that is just because I am totally out of shape.

When we returned from the trip a follow-up MRI was done and the growth had doubled in size. All doctors weighing in decided it was time to have surgery. But, it is still hard to determine the actual site. Unlike the growth when her leukemia had relapsed, there is no evidence on the skin that a growth is there. The MRI and ultrasound both showed a growth. It is now 1.5 cm and is below the original site. Most of the doctors think and hope it could be scar tissue, but not sure why it is growing. However, she has had multiple injections and then walked halfway through Europe in pain. Could it be inflammation….we don’t know. Because of her history and the intensity of the pain, we need to know.

Today she has surgery to remove the growth. Please pray that Dr. Raynor has steady hands and a clear focus. He has been her surgeon for years and she is in good hands. Our pathologist at Children’s is ready for the biopsy and I know she will be thorough and fast. I am so lucky that she used to be my boss for so many years. We should know the results of the biopsy by the end of the week. Please pray that this is not AML again. We are hoping it is something benign that can be treated and Lolo can be relieved of this pain. She deserves to be pain and cancer free……this is supposed to be a wonderful summer for her!!!

Jonathan is flying home today to be with his sister this week. He is currently a white water rafting guide for KODI rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado. He hasn’t been home yet since finishing his freshman year of college at University of Utah. Lolo is excited to see her hippie brother. I can’t wait to hug him and feed him as well.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support for our Lolo! She is simply the best and your prayers mean so much to us.